aquaprofunda: embroidered branches with leaves (embroidery)

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This one was for my dear friend C. Made using this pattern from Byrd's Nest.
aquaprofunda: embroidered branches with leaves (embroidery)

This is a Christmas present for my dear friends at the Queer Feminist Housing Commune (QFHC for short) in Perth, where I'm spending my summer holiday this year. They very much appreciated this rendering of them & their puppies in pixel cross-stitch form!
aquaprofunda: embroidered branches with leaves (embroidery)

Pattern for this one also found on pinterest - made some small modifications when it came to colour. For my mum for Christmas.
aquaprofunda: embroidered branches with leaves (embroidery)

Inspired by a piece of blackwork found on Pinterest, I made these mini monograms for my sister (S) and brother-in-law (D). Lettering created myself (the S with much swearing) and blackwork fills also found on Pinterest.
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Captain Awkward is without a doubt the best advise columnist on the internet. My favourite catch phrase of hers would have to be "don't listen to your jerkbrain"*. I love it so much I embroidered it so I can look at it and remind myself of it every day.

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I chose to leave the ends messy in the back and showing through. It seemed an appropriate representation of my jerk brain always lurking just below the surface.

Lettering I got from the cross stitch alphabet tool, and the border is taken from Blackwork Made Easy.

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* I realised at the end of the project that I'd made it "jerk brain" instead of the Captain's "jerkbrain". Not too bothered as it's for me and I always mentally think of it as "jerk brain".
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I have a friend who loves superb fairy wrens. I am always on the lookout for wren paraphernalia to supply her with. This year for her birthday I thought I'd make something of my own.

I designed the wren myself, so I can share the chart for that, yay! The blackwork border is from Blackwork Made Easy and the lettering is from... um... somewhere on the internet. ETA: Subversive Cross stitch!

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aquaprofunda: embroidered branches with leaves (embroidery)
I can finally post about it because I've finally gifted this present!

Lee Stain of Inktricate tattoos gave me an incredible piece over 6 months this year. I love it deeply, and so does everyone else who sees it. One of the best parts of it is the amazing/adorable bumblebee:

O hai bumblebee!

So I made Lee this embroidery piece to put in their amazing studio.

Now the gift is given, I can share it with the world. Love your work, @leestain! And the close up

I pretty much made it up as I went along (with the exception of the alphabet, which I found on google images), so patterns are shared below the cut.

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