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Preserved LemonsFirstly, OM NOM NOM.

Preserved lemons are one of my favourite preserves. When I ask people if they like them, most of them have no idea what they are or what to do with them. I always tell them to use them like a spice or a seasoning - to add amazing flavour to a dish, that's more in the "spice" realm than fresh lemon zest/juice flavouring would be. I like to add preserved lemon to any 'moroccan'-style dish I'm doing (eg with loads of garlic, tomatoes, and chickpeas), to home-made hummous, to cous cous salads (with roasted capsicum and moar chickpeas and olives and parsley and tomato).

Basically, yum. A couple of months ago I jarred up a huge amount of lemons and put them in the back of the cupboard; this morning I transferred them to smaller jars to give to friends. the smell was amazing.

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aquaprofunda: Lemons (lemons)
Berries   berries starting to soften   Jaaaam! First batch of crackberry.

This one is known colloquially amongst friends as “crackberry jam", and I have to say it definitely is the best in my repertoire of preserves. Often people seem very impressed with the fact that I make my own jam, and express awe as if it’s a great effort - it isn’t! It’s enormously easy. Easier than cooking most meals. And the recipe basically comes off the back of the pectin packet. Here’s my version of it.

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