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Captain Awkward is without a doubt the best advise columnist on the internet. My favourite catch phrase of hers would have to be "don't listen to your jerkbrain"*. I love it so much I embroidered it so I can look at it and remind myself of it every day.

(click for full-size)

I chose to leave the ends messy in the back and showing through. It seemed an appropriate representation of my jerk brain always lurking just below the surface.

Lettering I got from the cross stitch alphabet tool, and the border is taken from Blackwork Made Easy.

detail )

* I realised at the end of the project that I'd made it "jerk brain" instead of the Captain's "jerkbrain". Not too bothered as it's for me and I always mentally think of it as "jerk brain".
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I'm in Perth at a house known as the Queer Feminist Commune, occupied by some of my dearest friends. So for Christmas, I made them a crocheted lap blanket that I've been working on for a chunk of the year.

Now I've given it, I can post about it! Yay!

I used a basic stripe pattern, two row colour bands with 3xDC clusters, and a SC border.

Obviously Morgan loves it too.

View on Ravelry here!

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I can finally post about it because I've finally gifted this present!

Lee Stain of Inktricate tattoos gave me an incredible piece over 6 months this year. I love it deeply, and so does everyone else who sees it. One of the best parts of it is the amazing/adorable bumblebee:

O hai bumblebee!

So I made Lee this embroidery piece to put in their amazing studio.

Now the gift is given, I can share it with the world. Love your work, @leestain! And the close up

I pretty much made it up as I went along (with the exception of the alphabet, which I found on google images), so patterns are shared below the cut.

Read more... )

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stripey triangle shawl

Stripy triangle shawl - My first project with yarn bought at the 2013 Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show, three gorgeous skeins of lovely, soft, hand-dyed merino. I love that the tones of all three match so perfectly, and the colours so pretty much my favourite to wear. Pretty happy with this one.

The rest of the yarn I bought in Bendigo this year is slated for a jumper, a skirt, a hat and a blanket. So of course I'm already working on a project I bought yarn for in Bendigo 2012... Ah well. All destashing is good destashing :)


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