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Website Content Strategy 101, a response to the sadness of when a site comes to go live and the client realises they haven't prepared any content and don't know how.
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A few years ago an essay of mine was published in a Supernatural anthology; the publisher has it available online to read for free between now and Monday:

Scary Just Got Sexy: Transgression in Supernatural and Its Fanfiction.

And to toot my own horn a bit more, here's what a review in Transformative Works and Cultures had to say about it:

In "Scary Just Got Sexy: Transgression in Supernatural and its Fanfiction," Turner looks at the form and content of Supernatural fan fiction and discusses how such works can function as metatexts reflecting back on the show, which itself features themes of transgression. Turner spends more time discussing fan works than discussing the show itself—not a surprise considering her background in acafandom—but this discussion sheds much light on the content of the show regardless, which is exactly what much fan fiction attempts to do anyway, making this essay a cogent example of its own argument. Turner also touches on the idea that fandom's love of transgression and metatextuality function as a mirror for the show's clear love of intertextuality, most visible in Supernatural's frequent callbacks to classic horror cinema and filmmaking. This idea leaves open new areas for the study of intertextuality on the show, and between the show and its fandom. Although the analysis sticks closely to the specifics of Supernatural fan works, this is a standout piece for anyone interested in fan studies in general.


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