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Turning 30 has somehow magically made me pull my finger out and put my money where my mouth is as far as ethical eating goes.
As well as becoming vegetarian (and in more of the “vegan” part of the Venn diagram of veg*nism these days), I’m making more of an effort to shop at independent grocers for Australian-grown food wherever possible - if you’re unaware of the appallingly shady dealings of Colesworths, this essay is well worth a read.

So, because I love lists, here’s a list of local businesses I love to support:

37-49A Best Street, North Fitzroy - 11 tram
My local, and the closest to a typical supermarket in this list! As well as a pretty good range of general supermarket stuff, they also have lots of imported pasta, a great deli, and pretty good fruit & veg.

8 Clarendon St (cnr High St), Thornbury - 86 tram
There are two enormous parts of Psarakos - the one I like best is an fruit & veg warehouse that has just about everything, and incredibly cheaply. Including huge bunches of lovely herbs and cheap masses of whatever fruit is in season. Worth the trip if you want to save money on groceries or buy bulk for preserves. The other part of Psarakos is more of supermarket featuring an amazing, incredibly popular deli with a huge range of cheese and meats. They also have lots and lots of imported drygoods - pastas, grains, tinned food, etc. Also very very cheap.

Cruelty-Free Shop
385 Brunswick St, Fitzroy - 11 tram
This place is fairly small, but has a great range. All vegan, I especially like them for their freezer and fridge foods - big range of non-meat meat products. They also have a good range of supplements and protein powders, as well as things like shoes and handbags.

Organic Wholefoods Store
277 Smith St, Fitzroy - 86 tram
This place is great for their variety - if you want some obscure grain, syrup or seed, they’ve got it - and at pretty reasonable prices. Their bulk food is pretty great too; it includes a variety of salts, herbal teas and even Epsom salts.

Naturally On High
697-699 High St, Thornbury (opposite Psarakos) - 86 tram
This place is fantastic for cheap bulk foods - grains, legumes, flours, dried fruit and nuts, spices.

Terra Madre
103 High Street, Northcote - 86 tram
I’ve given up on going to this place on the weekend, as it’s absolutely heaving and a nightmare to try and get around. But they have the best range of organic foods in bulk in the area - rice, grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, etc. Pretty reasonable prices too, and a reasonably good range of other obscure health foods.


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