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Lately I've been attempting to pull my finger out and actually take the steps to make changes in my own life that align more closely with where my personal politics lie. (I've nicknamed this "Operation: Be More Virtuous" but it could just as easily be "Operation: Pull Your Finger Out".) I think I finally just reached the tipping point where my excuses of things being mildly inconvenient, slightly more expensive, or infringing on unimportant pleasures seemed like pathetic excuses for not practicing what I preached.

I'm not by any means 100% virtuous, but I'm trying to get there. So far I've:

  • Gone vegetarian - this article was my tipping point, for the record.

  • Where I do buy animal products (dairy, etc), try and go organic as much as possible.

  • After reading up on this campaign, I've moved my money out of ING and ANZ bank accounts and into a bank with more ethical investment (Bank of Queensland - so far so good). Next step: superannuation.

  • Set up regular/automatic donations to the ASRC and Ingrid's Haven (where Morgan came from).

  • Fighting the good fight on the ground at work, speaking up to my employers about sexism and other isms that are embedded in our (wider) culture, and encouraging them to help make a safer environment at least in our company.

So far, so good. Some days, just looking at my smugly happy cat and knowing that she could be still unloved in the shelter nearly makes me cry happy tears, so I think I'm doing ok.
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Sticker on a mirror with the text: WARNING Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of 'beauty'.

Not long ago [personal profile] skud linked me to this photo of sticker graffiti that we were both very excited by. As far as duplicatable ideas go, it's a pretty straightforward one. A trip to officeworks and a play around with sticker templates later, and we have our own stash to stick around.

Obviously, the best places to stick them are on mirrors in women's bathrooms and in changing rooms. I personally reckon the best position is in a corner where a typical warning sticker would go - also that way it's less likely to be noticed/removed :)

If you'd like to duplicate it too, here are the templates and the specs: Read more... )


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