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New favourite mug

Website Content Strategy 101, a response to the sadness of when a site comes to go live and the client realises they haven't prepared any content and don't know how.
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latest site, A couple of months ago I designed/built a site for erotica writer and burlesque performer/producer Aimee Nichols, which was jolly good fun.

The site is fully responsive, ergo, mobile-friendly, and Aimee is making great use of it with a bunch of awesome images related to the awesome things she does.

Check it out and download some of Aimee's work while you're at it, if you like erotica of all flavours. You may also remember Aimee from Va Va Boombah, where she's known as Harlotte Bronte.
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Va Va Boombah

Va Va Boombah will be Melbourne's first fat burlesque show, and it's going to be a blast! As well as being a stage kitten, I designed the above flyer and the website.

Tickets are on sale now!
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So, instead of writing this afternoon, [personal profile] skud and I made In the month of NaNo, we figured that a positive productivity tool (in the same vein as writeordie, only less traumatic) might be fun.

Feedback welcome! Skud did all the javascripty goodness and I threw together the HTML and CSS, and we did it in an afternoon while tooling around on our webkit browsers... so if there are browser compatibility issues in particular, let me know.
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No Chicks No Excuses is an Australian directory of women speakers, because, as the site says:

There's no excuse for not having women speakers. Inspirational females to enliven your next conference, panel, board, think tank, article, broadcast, programme or lecture.

I've been working on this site for nearly a year, now (though it doesn't seem that long!), through my day job. The founders wanted something quick and easy, so we decided to use Wordpress, but while the skin hasn't had a lot of modification, the back end has. In order to make it a user-friendly experience for both the not-very-techy admins and contributors, a slew of plugins and other tweaks occurred, and we finally went happily live on Monday!

So far, feedback has been good--both in terms of press (both print and blogosphere), and the feedback of seeing the users, by and large, follow the paths we carefully laid out for them. Also, the site itself is doing good stuff, which makes me extra-pleased.

I'm working on a links page for it at the moment too, exchanging linkage with the likes of, so if you can think of any other potential sister-sites, ping me.


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