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Self-portrait 31/01

I always love low light (tonight it was the street light and outside light in the backyard) but rarely photograph it successfully. Did a bit of tweaking with this with the black & white and the vignette, but still not entirely happy with it. I suppose my mood reflects the image, in that case!

The teeshirt is my favourite bit of this. Think I would have canned it if not for that redeeming feature.
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Self portrait January 30

I've had self-portraiture on the mind for a while. In part because I want to photograph people but suck at working the dynamic between photographer and subject. In part because I love the dynamic of the photographer being the subject.

And a big part because I've been following the images of self-portrait photographers such as Natsumi Hayasha and Joeri Bosma, and feeling deep awe and envy over their work.

So. I'm going to try and do more self-portraiture. I'm going to aim to do at least one a month, if not one a week. I'm breaking out my old point-and-shoot digicam because I think it'll suit this better than my phone will. Though I'm not limiting myself to photography for this.

I'd love to see any other favourite self-portraiture artists you're a fan of - share?


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