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May's microadventure challenge was to go on a lunchtime microadventure, which I was pretty excited about. I love completely changing gears from my demanding office job to lunchtime explorations!

I work just out of the CBD, right near the city's war memorial and the main entrance to the botanical gardens (which I'd never entered through before - didn't even know it was there!). I took more than a few lunch time trips of explorations around both this month, and look forward to doing more as weather permits!

Walking up the hill to the Shrine of Remembrance

Statues that guard the corners of the Shrine

The view from the steps of the Shrine to the city.

My first visit to the gardens I wandered around with vague plans to orient myself based on my previous visit - over 10 years ago. It was the start of May, so not quite the end of autumn yet.

Stunning autumn colours on the Oak Lawn

Lichen covering the roof tiles of one of the rest spots

The rainforest walk, on a raised walking platform, was just stunning.

Second visit to the botanical gardens and I went with a plan to visit the tropical greenhouse. On the way I went via the "Australian Forest Walk", which included little paths off into the scrub, where I discovered a number of little wrens, finches and other small birds going about their business. I haven't managed to identify them all yet, but will be going back for another visit.

I also went via the lily pond, the vibrant colours of which I struggled to capture:

And the greenhouse itself was super-luscious. I really had to restrain myself not to take cuttings:

Overall, it was great. I wish the weather right no wasn't so miserable or I'd be out there again!


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